If you are looking for the meaning of Mortally, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find the definition of Mortally in the English language, as well as its synonyms. Once you know the definition of Mortally, you will be better prepared to use it in your daily life. This page will also provide you with some helpful tips and antonyms for the word.

I was mortally wounded

The phrase “I was mortally wounded” means that someone has been injured in a way that can lead to death. The term is also used to refer to a person’s own mortality. A mortal wound is an injury that is fatal, and it is also often the most serious type of injury.

Mortally wounded is not a work of literature, but Kearney does use myth, poetry, and narrative to present the truth about suffering. In his use of these techniques, Kearney has created a multi-dimensional truth. His use of poetry and myth creates a narrative-based treatment of the spiritual dimension of suffering.

Wikipedia’s definition of mortal wound explains that it is an injury that leads to death, and it is not necessarily instantaneous. Death can happen hours, days, or even weeks later. However, Wikipedia seems to include speculation. It isn’t always clear whether or not a mortal wound is fatal, and if it was, it would have already been fatal if the wound had not been treated.

I was mortally wounded by a bullet

When a person is fatally wounded by a bullet, they are referred to as mortally wounded. The bullet struck them in such a way that they would have died within hours. As a result, Newman is still pressing for the gruesome details to be brought to light.

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