The Joliet Patch recently featured an article about the resignation of Joliet Police Chief Joe Esqueda. The article discusses Esqueda’s belief in police corruption and the case of Shelton Jackson. It also mentions Ramiro Zavala’s arrest on charges of reckless discharge of a firearm. It is unclear whether the article has any truth or lies.

Esqueda’s resignation

Since Esqueda’s arrest, the Joliet Police Department has faced negative national attention, and Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has launched an investigation into the department’s unlawful policing practices. According to an email obtained by Joliet Patch, city of Joliet Human Resources director Kathy Capparelli responded to Joliet Police Department deputy chief Daniel Malec, advising him that his behavior was not in line with department policy. Two senior police officials, Sabrina Spano and the Joliet corporation counsel, were also seen by the deputy chief.

After the termination, Malec requested a hearing to investigate Esqueda’s actions. She was told to postpone the hearing until Esqueda’s criminal case was complete. But when Esqueda requested the hearing again, she was told to wait until Esqueda’s criminal case was over. She requested a directive in writing but was refused, and was fired after a third failed attempt to schedule the hearing.

Shelton Jackson’s murder

On Thursday, police in Joliet responded to the scene of a deadly shooting on the 200 block of Lincoln Street. The victim, Vonta Perry, had multiple gunshot wounds. The suspects, two men and a woman, are in custody. Police believe the robbery victim was murdered during a robbery.

The robbers’ three men were all teenagers at the time of the murder. The surviving accomplices were Anthony Smith, then 19 years old, and Bobby Smith, who was also involved in the crime. Bobby Smith received a 25-year sentence and was released from prison in 2002. Larry Jackson, meanwhile, was 26 years old when he was convicted of Shelton Jackson’s murder. He is currently in Duval County jail.

Esqueda’s belief in corruption in the Joliet Police Department

Esqueda’s belief in corruption within the Joliet Police Department led him to make a video about the officer’s misconduct. He was shocked by the lack of attention the video received. Even his own family had not seen the video, which fueled Esqueda’s belief that there was a cover-up. In response, he leaked the video to a local reporter. Esqueda’s actions cost him his job, and he was arrested on charges of official misconduct.

Malec scheduled discipline hearings for Esqueda. He declined to comment on Esqueda’s actions, but he did say that the accusations against him were part of a retaliation playbook. Beyer had worked at another police department an hour north of Joliet. He complained about a drunken driving case that was mishandled by a part-time city employee.

Ramiro Zavala’s arrest for reckless discharge of a firearm

Ramiro Zavala, a Joliet man, has been arrested on felony charges related to the reckless discharge of a firearm. He is accused of firing multiple shots into the air during a party. The incident was reported by a resident of the 1800 block of Mills Road. She reported that she heard several gunshots in the middle of the night. The resident found bullet holes in a barn on the property and discovered that someone had been firing shots into the air.

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