Wants and Needs is a collaboration between Drake and Lil Baby. This track was released earlier this year, and it has become a popular hit with fans. Drake and Lil Baby take on a wide variety of topics in the lyrics, such as religion and women. Lil Baby focuses more on expressing his feelings, while Drake focuses on his needs.

Drake ft. Lil Baby

Drake’s new song “Wants and Needs” features Lil Baby. The track is off of his forthcoming Scary Hours 2 album. Read on to discover all of the lyrics for “Wants and Needs.”

The lyrics of “Wants and Needs” have received a lot of media attention, largely because Drake has been linked to Kim Kardashian. The song has even been misinterpreted by the mainstream media as a possible affair between Drake and Kim Kardashian. Kanye West and Drake have a beef, but they have not publicly made peace yet.

Drake’s “Wants and Needs” features American rapper Lil Baby. The song is a comparison of success and wants.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby wants and needs lyrics are about comparing desires and needs.

One woman has found fame rapping along to Lil Baby’s “Wants and Needs.” The video has gone viral, as women rap along to the song


Drake’s new single “Wants and Needs” is a musing on the necessities of life. It features lyrics written by Drake and Lil Baby.

Drake’s verse on “Wants and Needs” has caused controversy. Some fans interpret his lyrics as confirmation that he is dating Kim Kardashian. He also uses the words “he wouldn’t believe us” as an allusion to Kanye West’s alleged affair with Kim Kardashian.

The lyrics to Drake’s song are a reflection of his own life and the lives of others. It speaks about the constant desire for more, but also about appreciating what you already have. The song is easy to listen to, and the lyrics are relatable. This makes it a great romantic song for a special someone.


The song “Wants and Needs” is a new one from Drake. The song is a take on life’s basic needs and wishes. The lyrics are about living mindfully and investing time wisely.

“Wants and Needs” is a single by Drake featuring American rapper Lil Baby. It is due for release on March 5, 2021, and is the fourth single from Drake’s fourth extended play. Drake wrote the lyrics with Lil Baby, with additional producers Cardo and Dez Wright. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release, becoming one of Drake’s highest-charting songs to date.


Drake recently released his second EP, Scary Hours 2, which includes three new tracks. These songs are about wanting more in life. In this song, Drake addresses the need to be honest with your partner about what you want. In other lyrics, he talks about his religious beliefs and inner circle. The song’s lyrics are relatable and straightforward, making it an easy listen.

Wants and Needs is Drake’s new song from his forthcoming Scary Hours 2 album. The new song features Lil Baby and Drake muses on life’s necessities. The song’s lyrics were written by Drake and Lil Baby. Cardo also contributed to the lyrics. Drake is holding the Phonographic Copyright to the song.

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