Eclipse Practice Management EHR Software Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that enables developers to create applications that are based on Java. The Eclipse IDE is compatible with Java 16 in addition to Mac AArch64 (Arm64). Users have the option of using the Eclipse Marketplace to add support for a variety of programming languages as well as a variety of customization features. AestheticsPro is a medical spa administration software system that provides a HIPAA-compliant and secure platform for medical aesthetic enterprises to handle electronic medical data. You can run your company smoothly while providing your customers with online booking and a client portal thanks to the nearly 500 configurable forms contained in the E-Record library as well as the over 40 reports that are included.

This guide will elucidate the features, pricing and reviews of the two softwares, so keep reading if you wish to invest in them.

Eclipse EHR

Eclipse is a browser-based construction management application that may be implemented locally or in the cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is a feature-rich modular system that can be further modified with add-on modules to meet the precise demands of a given business. Users do not need to rely on third-party solutions because it is compatible with all major browsers and its modules are well integrated and developed by the same company. It encompasses a vast array of capabilities, including construction accounting, project management, business analytics, and remote data capture, among others.

Eclipse EHR Key Features

Highly Customizable

This building software solution is also extensible through the use of add-ons. DocPro, for instance, is compatible with all modules. Using OCR and GPS tagging, it can arrange and tag papers automatically. Users can effortlessly add any form of document and attach supporting documents including invoices, checks, and purchase orders, among others. Service contractors can also utilize Service Management modules. Other modules can manage estimating, human resources, inventory control, sales orders, subcontractors, time and invoicing, and more. Project+ is an iPad and web browser-based remote data gathering tool. Supervisors are able to examine, modify, and approve timesheets.

Robust Modules

The corporate accounting and project management software Eclipse comprises modules that are robust enough to provide important functions for businesses of any size. Accounts payable and receivable, cash management, equipment control/fixed assets, general ledger, and payroll are the fundamental accounting components. It is equipped with project management that allows contract and job status enquiries. It includes tools for project management, estimation, task costing, and change orders. In addition, it includes business analytics, a report writer, a template designer, and utilities.

Web-Based App and Customer Support

Eclipse is compatible with all four major browsers. Multiple currencies are supported for international projects. Customers receive free updates via a controlled rollout. They can select the desired level of release based on their demands. A team of industry professionals with years of experience can provide the essential training. In addition to these services, the company is also provided with an evaluation of its software’s usage. Programming can also be tailored to specific demands and obstacles.

Eclipse EHR Pricing

There is a free trial available but the pricing has not been posted by the software. This is because it offers custom pricing plans.

Eclipse EHR Demo

A free demo can be scheduled on the website for users who wish to learn about the software.

Eclipse EHR Reviews

It’s easy to adapt and extend via plugins, and its debugging functions make application development easier by allowing you to condition execution to the application’s production environment. One problem is that it has a lot of plug-ins.


The Aesthetics Pro EMR Online Software is a web-based application built for medical spa wellness facilities, medical aesthetic specialties, clinics, tattoo parlors, and more. The Aesthetics Online Pro programme facilitates the automation of daily workflow. The system is packed with several functions, including personnel management, a patient portal, patient management, marketing management, patient and lead management, electronic records, and calendar management, among others. The software provides its users with a secure platform for communicating with clients while protecting their data.

AestheticsPro Key Features

Client Management

One system that enables you to manage your clients conveniently. E-Records, graphing, notes, before-and-after images, purchase history invoices, outstanding balances, and remaining services may all be viewed inside a single client profile. A component of AestheticsPro’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) capability.

Reporting Tool

Our robust client reporting and company performance insight tools give you the flexibility to extract data for all facets of your business, allowing you to gain a complete spa picture. It is possible to generate reports depending on location, search parameters, and date range, and download them in MS Excel format.


E-prescribing enables physicians to electronically transmit prescription information to pharmacies. Numerous states have enacted or proposed E-Prescribing requirements, which have had an effect on the aesthetics business while directly affecting clinicians who prescribe prohibited substances to patients. E-Prescribe enables medical practitioners to prescribe various types of pharmaceuticals to patients in a secure manner, while also minimizing errors and enhancing productivity. E-Prescribe is HIPAA-compliant, secure, cloud-based, and compatible with all devices.

AestheticsPro Pricing

The software comes with three pricing options: The first one is Solo Provider and costs $125 per month, the second option is Enterprise and costs $185 per month and the last model is Enterprise Plus which costs $245 per month.

AestheticsPro Demo

A free demo is available for users on the website. Demos help users get familiar with the features of the software.

AestheticsPro Reviews

There are both positive and bad evaluations of the software. The dashboard effortlessly tracks patient balances and remaining services in bundles. Simple pop-up note creation for informal communication. Possesses an integration option between the website and the practice management software. Frequent addition of new features to improve patient care and marketing quality. Scheduling by employee, room, and device aids in error prevention.


This guide delineates all the necessary information a user needs before investing in a software. A thorough read will help to choose the software that suits one the most. Web Brice

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