Known for their delicious cakes, pies, and pastries, the family-owned Bakery at Sans Rival is a local favorite. With its old-fashioned decor and homemade icing, the shop is a great place to treat yourself or your sweet tooth! Read on for a list of must-try flavors. And try one of their signature cakes – Mango Bravo! Or Banana Dream! – before you decide to make the purchase!

Mango Bravo

This frozen dessert is filled with layers of cashew meringue wafers, chocolate mousse, and chunks of mango. It is drizzled with chocolate syrup and is taller than a standard 8-inch cake. Mango Bravo is a trademark of Conti and the name says it all. Here’s how to make it. First, thaw the cake. It’s best to do this in the freezer.

For the cream frosting, a large bowl will work best. Mix together the heavy whipping cream and granulated sugar. Fold in the whipped cream. Sprinkle the mangoes with chocolate syrup, and the mixture is ready to serve. For the cake, order two days in advance. Place your order by 1:00 PM Philippine Standard Time for delivery. It includes a complimentary personalized gift card. To make the mango cake, you need to make two-thirds of the frosting at least.

Sans Rival

A classic French dessert, Sans Rival is a meringue cake with three layers and a topping of chopped cashews. This heavenly dessert is traditionally served with French buttercream and a sprinkling of cashews. There are various variations of this cake, and you can make it as healthy as you like or as sweet as you like. To make a Sans Rival cake at home, follow these steps.

When ordering, ask about the availability of Sans Rival. You can order the dessert in advance if you want to ensure that it is made fresh that day. Some home bakeries have a cut-off time for same-day delivery, but a commercial bakery may have the Sans Rival cake in stock. A Sans Rival cake can cost upwards of P2,000 per serving, depending on its size.

Choco Overload

A chocoholic’s dream, the Contis Cake Choco Overload is a chocolate-filled masterpiece. This cake has layers of moist chocolate cake topped with cream, chocolate ganache, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It may not be as popular as the Mango Bravo, but it has its own loyal following. To get the full effect, you should order one for yourself or for a loved one.

Banana Dream

Like the classic banoffee pie, the Banana Dream cake is a delectable dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. The cake is layered with chewy wafers and a rich banana cream, surrounded by mocha mousse and drizzled with caramel syrup. Another cake on the Contis menu is the Ube Custard cake, which features alternating layers of real ube, sponge cake, and custard.

The recipe for this cake is easy to follow. First, you need to mash the bananas. Then, you need to add lemon juice and flour. Add the eggs and beat until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one by one. Stir in the applesauce and sour cream. Finally, fold in the banana mixture and bake the cake for 40 to 50 minutes. This cake can be served warm or chilled.

Ube Custard

The purple yam – also known as ube – has a sweet and sour flavor that goes well with the cake. Conti’s bakeshop and restaurant has reintroduced its famous Ube Custard Cake to their menu. Known for its custard filling and alternating layers of ube sponge cake and real ube, this purple-colored dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can now order this delicious cake through online ordering.

A good portion of this decadent cake is made with ube and contains a velvety texture and a crisscross design. The ube filling is topped with a violet chiffon-like frosting. Ube Custard is a dreamy purple flavor that pairs well with the cake’s vanilla sponge.

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