When it comes to gambling in India, negative connotations remain. However, with the advent of new forms for these games such as online sportsbooks, casinos and more, things are changing.

The states have implemented laws and regulations in order to prohibit betting activities. Even those that had allowed it to happen, made sure that it is being controlled by them. However, all these factors are in constant flux based on the sports you talk about.

For instance, bettors are allowed to place bets on horse races in India, while other forms of gambling still struggle to make it past the state.

Let’s take a look at why horse racing betting is legal in India. (Basics of Horse Racing Betting Laws in India will be discussed.)

From the Law’s Perspective

Even though gambling remains illegal in two states across India, single-digit casinos are allowed to conduct gambling with parameters like limited hours. GDD was implemented because of rampant and growing gambling problems in Goa.

Sikkim Casino Games Act of 2002 is an act that enables licensed casinos in Kashmir to give out five stars, making them richer than offshore ships or vessels which also can offer gambling. In Sikkim this game served a similar purpose.

Arguments and debates can involve legal affairs. If one of the parties believes they are right, then they must place their faith in the contracts that have been drawn up by lawyers. These contracts are what make up void contracts.

In the Indian Contract of 1872, an illegal gambling contract was nullified. However, if the amount to be paid or won is more than INR 500 in horse race bets, the contract will be valid under law.

Why not allow wagering on other sports if horse racing is allowed?

After using some of the benefits that sports betting can bring, the state has now shifted to a more open-minded view. Many stakeholders have realised that this could be beneficial for many local industries.

The sports betting industry is worth 3 lakh crores, according to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. With machines replacing human decision-making in this industry, betting on more than just horse racing looks to be more common in the future.

The Justification for India’s Legalisation of Horse Race Betting

To more objectively define the legality of sports betting in India, it is necessary to first look at games of skill. For example, one factor leading to growth in online poker is the involvement of skill. 

Horse racing also ultimately comprises chances and hence this game privileges people who possess more skills over less skilled opponents.

This is what makes the legality of horse race betting in India a mixed blessing. According to the principle, it is legal in India. 

And while it might not be very good news for other sports, Indian punters are still betting without any consequences and their activity has (at least temporarily) been approved.

Betting on horse races is a game of skill

With horse race betting, it’s important to know about the horses, their form and other things as the racetrack, not to mention adhering to strict rules.

Placing a wager on this sport requires thorough research, and understanding the aforementioned pointers. Be prepared to look at horse racing betting tips before calculating your fortune.

There are several different types of bets, such as flat bets and exotic bets. It is important for you to understand the difference. There are many trustworthy online sportsbooks you can find that allow you to stay in the loop of horse racing. They cater to your user experience and render great odds, so make sure to select one that is right for you.

The best app to bet on horses in India

From addicts of games, to people between the ages of 18 and 60, Indians have adapted to enjoying technology. From game addiction, to all user-friendly games, AIO Games has brought Indian users a platform that can generate easy money.

Horse Racing is already a trend in Western countries and AIO Games wishes to provide the same experience for Indians. Horse racing is available on AIO Games platform and you can sign up now and take part in various horse races to earn money online.

AIO Games offers a way to earn while playing games. By adding Indian Horse Racing to the mix, they are creating a perfect combination of events.

With that, you never miss a moment of the action from the Indian Derby. The app lets you stream live horse racing via your phone. And, the AIO Games application can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

Using AIO Games to live stream horse racing

  • Install the AIO Games app (https://aiogames.onelink.me/61Uj) on your device.
  • Visit RWITC Horse Racing for more information.
  • Select the live streaming option.

Why should you use AIO Games for horse racing?

Horse racing is the newest entrant on AIO Games. With its experience in online gaming, AIO Games can offer opportunities to win. Let’s look at why they are the best horse racing platform on the internet!

Updates are delivered more quickly : One of the most challenging aspects of horse racing is keeping up with ever changing trends, but AIO Games offers a quick update to make every game one can play.

Withdrawal procedures are simple: E-gaming is highly reliant on withdrawing winnings, which is why it is so important for any e-gaming platform to be effective in this area. 

At the AIO Games platform, players will experience quick and easy withdrawals. Betting on horses has never been easier. With India’s leading money earning game platform, you can bet on all your favourite games just by downloading the app. 

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