Tennessee is redeveloping its Mississippi riverfront for inland multimodal transportation. Its mid-western location means that a number of important freight thoroughfares pass through the state in addition to the river Mississippi.  

Depending on the size and scale as well as the specific functions of your business, your cost of operation will vary. If you are running a small freight forwarding agency, it will be mainly labor-intensive.  

On the other hand, if you are running a larger operation with trucks and warehouses, that becomes capital-intensive. Either way, there are recurrent costs involved that you need to meet in order to continue the operation.  

Without access to easy transportation business funding in Tennessee, that could become very difficult if not impossible.  

Most of the inland freight movement across the country takes place on trucks and hence trucking is a vital part of the transportation industry in all the states including in Tennessee.  

Trucking is a capital-intensive business but it is also quite profitable for those who are able to run the business efficiently. One of the factors that enable efficient management of a capital-intensive business is the availability of easy credit.  

At times it is quite difficult to borrow much-needed cash but you need not get stressed and start thinking, “Can I ever find any business funding near me in Tennessee?”  

Is the operation of your trucks affected by cash shortfall?  

There are two main challenges in the trucking business that you need to manage in order to be successful. One is the high cost of operation and the other is a long payment timeline of 30-45 days.  

How you manage the expensive operations in between these long payment timelines requires a great balancing of your income and expenditure. You can only manage it with easy access to funding options like invoice factoring in Tennessee.  

Disruptions are never far away in business more so in trucking and when that happens, you won’t like to be caught unawares. Starting with payroll expenses to the cost of fuel as well as regular maintenance of the trucks cannot wait even for a day.  

Need to upgrade facilities in your warehouse?  

Warehouse operations are also quite complex and are both labors as well as capital-intensive. It’s not just having adequate floor space but a lot more.  

You will need a full team of trained and experienced personnel to manage the warehouse with all the cargo stocked up for trans-shipment. They will require expensive capital equipment like forklifts and many others.  

You will also need a security set up with 24/7 camera monitoring and a control room with advanced systems and video analytics software to process the camera feed in real-time and raise alarms.  

Unless you have access to fast funding in Tennessee to manage volatility in your cash flow, it could be very difficult.  

You can get access to hassle-free funding for your business from reputable lending companies like Alternative Funding Group. They have simple terms of lending and have disbursed over $250 million to businesses of all sizes across America so far.  

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